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BEARDEDBABY.NET is an online home for the comics and community projects of John Stephens.

John WHO? I've been making picture stories ever since I could hold a pencil, and I have always been deeply inspired by art and mythology. After graduating from high school, I was determined to get out into the wilderness and live in solitude. I stuffed my armageddon pack and departed, filled with unhurried laughter and aimless clarity. After hiking around mountains and twisting roads long enough to be welcomed into the hobo communion, I found my wife and settled down. Now that I have a little girl, the call into solitude has become a call to transform my community with love and enthusiasm.

Some of the things I'm presently working on include:

+ PICTURE STORIES: making distinctive comics for the web & print

+ ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN: working with assorted media & software

+ TUTOR & TEACHER: I'm presently in school studying toward teacher certification; I've been working as a tutor and teacher in Northern Virginia for over a year.

+ PEACE WORK: Working with my neighbors to cultivate creative peace dialogue, my experience in AFSC's Help Increase the Peace Project draws me deeper into an illuminating process for transforming conflict and building community.

Unless otherwise noted, the views expressed on this site are solely my own. My concerns are rooted in the prophetic vision of YHWH.

creative commons: some rights reserved Freely you have received, freely give. (Mattai 10:8)
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What's up with the bearded baby? There are rumors and legends, but you're better off not knowing. Don't throw your life away!