Bearded Baby Comix

Comics with Gusto by John Stephens

About them

Bearded Baby Comix started over a decade ago as the one-man “Web comics” studio with Ignaz Nominee John Stevens. After the original artist went down in riotous living and disappears from record books, the site was sold to Siberian Spam Interests. We hope to restore the site with new “Comix” in autumn 2011.

Who is the Siberian Spam Interests?

The Siberian Spam Interests (SIS) are leading the advanced Web page technologies serving global media markets in advertising, brand identity and branding services. We rely on intellectual property combined with the next generation of ideas hip to the messages that will reach a huge audience of rural residents, dual-citizens, and developing households around the world. Living in the district Iskitimskiy, Novosibirsk Region, Yan Pavlo is president, director and premier of the SIS.

Why do you buy the Bearded Child?

Bearded Child makes a fresh and vivid symbol of freedom, democracy, and wisdom “not by years”. It is so funny, and we shot Turkish vodka from his nose when we see this heraldic image.

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