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Think about the poor, downtrodden, outstretched hands of our migrant bearded babies yearning for bread and justice. They don't have access to the big fat piles of loot you spend on fancy coffees, beer, and bottled water! It is a rough life. Even a small gift helps shave expenses and fosters the ongoing stewardship of this site.

[ PENNY DONATIONS ] this is what you get for giving to the penny jar:

+ An image for your desktop featuring the finely-groomed youngster portayed here.

+ A high-resolution PDF of the same determined wisker-sporting sprout – "suitable for framing."

+ A personal letter from a free-thinking bearded youth.

[ ADOPT a BEARDLING ] If you donate $8 or more, you get all of the above and more:

+ A live sketch from the desk of John Stephens.

+ Comics in the mail: THE SILENT PULSE 2 Book Set.

New items may be added to the gift index from time to time. Your donation will give you access for 30 days.

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