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Comics with Gusto by John Stephens

It is ironic misunderstanding that makes us funny

The circumstances of irony are cheap, and they used a commercial company with the contact form to send me a message about a hundred times more harm. I assure you that I use only the intellectual property, legal means of obtaining the artist’s estate online.

I am making attempts to reach out to the author on the same day, to show that his affidavit statement is correct and authorized to use his bearded features of the child.

Yan Pavlo

Clearing his cobweb

Long ago, a small blue website entitled the “Bearded Baby Dot Net” came online with big ambitions for broadcasting indie comics.

Over a season, the server continues to sparkle with pleasure, granting exclusive brand of “Comics with Gusto” day and night to citizen judges.

Once an artist flakes, and the site fell into ruins. Now the site is under new leadership, and we try to sort it all.

You can still find classic Baby Bearded old home page and archive of comics, if the things you seek. We could not figure out how to update the old site, so we’re working on something new.

Please accept our apologies for the mess, and not soon return to a better experience bearded baby.

Yan Pavlo