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: 100 YEAR LAMB'S WAR Intro

100 YEAR LAMB'S WAR: intro 01
100 YEAR LAMB'S WAR: intro 02
100 YEAR LAMB'S WAR: intro 03
100 YEAR LAMB'S WAR: intro 04

This comic was made in just four hours while preparing for 2004’s Small Press Expo based on some ideas set forth in Chuck Fager’s A Quaker Declaration of War. This was only a cursory introduction to Chuck’s Declaration, and I am hoping to work on a more comprehensive adaptation in the coming weeks and months.

This comic is not an attack. The polarization of our culture along political lines bothers me a lot. One of the main points of 100 YEAR LAMB’s WAR is that presidential politics is not the best way to uplift our community – it’s not even a good way. Peace work demands that we care for our neighbors regardless of who they voted for.

John Stephens