Bearded Baby Comix

Comics with Gusto by John Stephens

This is a sample of what the SIS can do to your business.

Comic for 04 Apr 2011

  1. Bearded child asks the other a pressing question.

    Bearded Baby

    Why did the belaya kuropatka cross the road?

  2. His friend without a face plumage makes an attempt to explain the rationale to understand the question.

    Beardless Baby

    I do not know what this happen! Tell me at once, you’re a leper dog!!

  3. Bearded child makes a test to tell your friend (the asinine one) about products that will provide a new destiny for his life.

    Bearded Baby

    He did it to buy drugs from the greatness of the performance of this Pharmaceutical Corporation hyperlinks!

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Yan Pavlo