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A long time ago a little hobo called John Chapman went out into the frontier to plant some apple trees. Filled with laughter & humility, he spread the seed of peace wherever he went. When he retired after many years, Johnny Appleseed said his prayers and settled down for a long nap in the Bracken. He is occasionally featured in a comic called for the DIDDLUM DAY by John Stephens.

AREAS of EXPERTISE include: alternative medicine, apples, bible interpretation, camping, comics, exploring, faith healing, flowers, friends, herbal healing, mountaineering, natural history, natural remedies, nonviolence, peace, picnics, planting, quakers, religious society of friends, rocks, trees, woodland critters, and MUCH MORE.

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Appleseed Johnny is not a liscenced medical provider. He is a mythic entity who continues to live in our imaginations. The information in this journal is posted just for fun, not to diagnose, prevent, or cure any medical, psychological or spiritual condition. His recommendations may occasionally include factual information, but we are not responsible for anything you do.

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