NOTABLE INDY COMIC CREATORS [PARENTAL ADVISORY: Many of these sites may contain material intended for adult viewers.]

:: E.J. BARNES :: TALES of the LING MASTER was one of the funniest comics I discovered at the 2003 Small Press Expo.

:: CUBE :: ISOMETRIC is a comic with swearing cubes engaged in office work, Orwellian conspiracy, and post-apocalyptic battles.

:: NEIL JAM :: Neil Fitzpatrick's "daily cartoon labotomy" is a great comic for all ages.

:: RICHARD HAHN :: Hahn made remarkable Xeric Award book called LUMAKICK in which the insomniac Professor Lee wanders the city dreaming about love, poetry, stealing, and everything else. Highly recommended.

:: JUSTIN HALL :: Exposing the "gay agenda" through sacred art.

:: JESSE HAMM :: Secretly publishing stark & illuminating comics since 1995.

:: DAVID LASKY :: The URBAN HIPSTER comics created by Lasky & Stump are beloved by a generation, but David has published some other stuff too. He has read some books by James Joyce, and he is a very nice man.

:: SCOTT McCLOUD :: McCloud is a great resource for anyone interested in the medium of comics and its potential. His site contains links to many of the finest webcomic creators yet deployed, as well as many of McCloud's own experiments in the medium.

:: JASON LITTLE :: Tales of intrigue and experimentation.

:: FRED NOLAND :: SHPILKES explores the most cracked out characters in comics today.

:: CHRIS ONSTAD :: Whether your best friend is a french fry or your daddy had a disease that made his head shrink, ACHEWOOD is the funniest daily comic on the internet.

:: JASON SHIGA :: Since Shiga's death in a mental institution in 1991, dozens of comics have been discovered containing some of the most dramatic math problems ever depicted in the medium.

:: RICK SMITH & TANIA MENESSE :: Preview the delightful mythological shenanigans of Shuck and his neighbors.

:: CARLA SPEED McNEIL :: FINDER is a masterpeice in the medium of comics. It somehow manages to capture a sublime yet subterranean experience of being human.

:: TODD WEBB :: Daily journal comics and more.

Take the long view. Get involved in peacework. Find your place in the tooth-to-tail ratio, and build your community. The links below are provided to get you started.
CHUCK FAGER is the director of Quaker House, which provides free counseling for the GIs and military families of Fort Bragg. He has been disseminating valuable literature on Friends' peace witness online with A FRIENDLY LETTER and in print with KIMO PRESS. Notable articles include a timely FAQ on Preparing for a Military Draft and A QUAKER DECLARATION of WAR.
the RELIGIOUS SOCIETY of FRIENDS of TRUTH has maintained an active testimony against war since 1660, working toward just settlements through peaceful means. Locate a meeting place near you at, and keep up with legislative peace issues with Friends Committee on National Legislation. VISIT A MEETING this weekend to EXPERIENCE A WAY OF LIFE ROOTED IN RADICAL INTEGRITY.
  • The Quaker WebRing indexes web resources relating to the Religious Society of Friends. If you're looking for more information, this is a great place to start.

Quakers are not the same as the Amish.

PEACE TEAMS: These organizations deploy peacemakers to communities in conflict around the world, providing support, training, and nonviolent strategies for peace and social justice. AFSC's Help Increase the Peace Project deserves special mention: Having grown out of the Alternatives to Violence Project, HIPP is an experience-based conflict transformation workshop that empowers young people (of all ages) to "become active agents of social change." HIPP workshops integrate the challenges we face in our own experiences with creative strategies to uplift our community.

EVERY CHURCH a PEACE CHURCH: Inviting Christians to affirm Yeshua's ancient testimony of nonviolent struggle for justice and peace, and to commit to the reconcilation of our faith communities to this demanding vocation.

SOLUTIONS TO VIOLENCE is a free online course in nonviolent conflict transformation in eight lessons, brought to you by Colman McCarthy & the San Antonio PeaceCenter.

RIGHT SHARING of WORLD RESOURCES is a program supporting grassroots projects for economic development and offering educational materials for the study of the lives of the poor, the lives of the rich, and the spiritual meaning of both.

BRUDERHOF COMMUNITIES maintain a voluminous peace outpost on the web which includes the Peacemaker Guide and a free online library. My favorite items in their archive are the collected stories of Leo Tolstoy and André Trocmé's JESUS and the NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION.

KOINONIA is a Christian farm community founded in 1942 by Clarence Jordan, author of the Cotton Patch Gospels. Koinonia is the Birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, Jubilee Partners, Prison and Jail Project and other ministries.

READ the BIBLE: The Tanakh, New Testament, and Al-Qur'an contain some of the most perrenially inspiring and volatile literature on the planet. Getting into these texts can be daunting, but in the present web of religious warfare, the prophetic lineage of Avraham may be our most vital resource.
  • Susan Jeffers provides a great site for bible study in the peace church traditions. Friendly Bible Study is a great method for illuminating study without an authoritarian structure.
  • RECLAIMING a RESOURCE: a great article by the previously mentioned Chuck Fager.
  • BIBLE TEXTS: Authentic Teachings of the early Christian communities.
  • Submission is the meaning of Islam. Hundreds of illuminating articles.
  • Paul Younan has created an interactive translation of the Gospels. The site includes an excelent Aramaic lexicon, and links to dozens of other articles. Learning Aramaic reveals the unity of "New Testament" literature with the Hebrew bible and the Arabic Qur'an.
MORE to COME. Suggestions are welcome!
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